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I was given an award. My first.


Having my cake, bless her cotton socks, has awarded me the Honest Scraps award. (I’d like to thank my mother, my father, my first-grade teacher, the makers of hand-crafted glass dildos…. heh.)

I got an award -- who'da thunk it??

This award requires me to be completely honest — and this I pledge to be. 🙂Now, i will not lie and tell you that everything (other than this post) that is written on this blog is so much the god’s honest truth that I’d swear on a bible in a court of law. That which is true, that which isn’t, that which is ambiguous and misleading — only i know which phrase applies to which block or word of text. The decision not to reveal this information to you, gentle reader, what is which or which is what, is mine, and I stand by it.

It’s just easier that way.

Guidelines when winning the Honest Scrap award:

1. List 10 honest things about yourself (try to make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!)

2. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers.

10 Things about Sapphire Jay, the Elegant Slut

1. I turn 40 this week.

2. I thought i was strictly straight until I was 39 years old. Then, ding! revelation. Apparently I’m heteroflexible. Very heteroflexible. 

3. I had a long, drawn-out and protracted affair with a cross-dresser. It was good when it was good, but when it was bad it was terrible. I wasn’t bothered by what he wore, i just hated his taste in clothes. And food, music, movies, life…. Not sextoys, though, now i come to think of it.)

4. I have amazing friends without whom i would not exist. And they all seem to have similar initials! (I won’t mention the initials in order to protect the guilty innocent. Heh.)

5. I recently met a New Person — readers of my Twitter feed will have heard about him. He makes me very happy. Happier than I have been with anyone, long or short term, for a very long time.

6. New Person reminds me of  someone i once loved very deeply, but I think that with him, there is the potential to love him more (he is still relatively new, after all). He’s a similar age, and has a similar manner when around me — warm, loving, protective, sweet, intellectually stimulating, inspiring and utterly adorable. He lacks the two things that the other person had — and this very fact endears him to me even more.

7. Cuckoldry and out-of-control raging jealousy, in case you were wondering what those two things were.

8. I’m a natural blonde, and i use this fact to explain anything from parking violations to typos. Because i can. 🙂

9. Sometimes I really love anal sex – and sometimes i do not want anything near my bottom that isn’t my underwear or a handy piece of toilet tissue at an opportune moment. I’m fickle, what can I tell you?

10. I give the best head. Seriously. I can bring witnesses and everything.

I would award the Honest Scraps award to 10 bloggers, but i’m not sure I know of ten who would do this. Suzanne P, Morpheus, Madeline, Sweatshopsissy, O… er, that’s it. [I have no friends. Sapphire NoMates. 😦 ]

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