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Updated: Fleshbotted by Madeline! Yay!

It had never been an ambition of mine to fuck another woman.

Not that I was ever terribly strenuous in my denial of any hint of bi-curiosity, or hetero-flexibility. Why would I be? It simply was not something that had ever aroused my curiosity, never mind any other part of me; sensual or physical. A “no” as opposed to a “no way, Jose…”

I can recall several discussions with various women friends of mine about how I felt. On a couple of occasions, friends of mine expressed gentle regret at the fact that I wasn’t even willing to dip my toe in the water — so to speak. Often they would even offer me a helping hand, not to mention tongue, on my first foray into Sappho’s world.

What they usually failed to grasp was that as soon as it piqued my interest, I’d be ready, willing and able. It’s a question of fore-thinking with me, I’ve always been a bit of a late bloomer. It took me years to try control and submission play, but when i finally did, i took to it like a duck to water. (Especially if the water is ice cold, and there are restraints, blindfolds, floggers and glass dildos involved.)

In conversation with a former lover — actually, scratch that., I don’t think I’ve had even one lover who, either subtly or less so, didn’t encourage me to get it on with another gal. The reasons varied, but the purpose was always the same. It ranged from the pseudo-altruistic “Well, Saph, if you wanted to expand your experiences, i wouldn’t mind…” to the restrainedly curious (read: gagging for it and hiding it well) “Don’t you think you’d like to try an FMF threesome? ” to the blatantly horny (read: gagging for it and not hiding it at all) “I’d love for you and another woman to serve me simultaneously”.

And to all of which, plus the various shades of gray in between, i answered “Er… no, thanks.”

It just didn’t do it for me.

Until, one day, it suddenly did.

I don’t know why or how the switch happened. (Not that kind of a switch. Perverts.) I just knew that when a relatively new lover suggested that I meet him at a friend’s place, with said friend in situ. Oh, and said friend? A girl.

In truth, when he’d made the suggestion, I’d surprised myself by agreeing immediately. And when I say surprised, you know I actually mean flabbergasted. I was strangely unworried by any potential three-way unequal division of attention. I thought about it and considered it, sure. But it didn’t bother me. I also was completely unconcerned about what to do. I mean, no one ever gave me lessons in how to touch, or kiss, or lick a male body. And fuck, did I not own a perfectly fine and in-full-working-order woman’s body? Maybe i already had more of a clue than i thought?

Yeah maybe.

I was actually fairly certain that if i was happy in the situation, everything would just fall into place. And it did.

He’d picked me up after work, and we’d driven to her place. On the way, he sang her praises non-stop.

“She’s the best,” he said. “She’s this lovely sweet person, and she’s nuts about me.”

I chuckled quietly at his egoism. It turned out to be absolutely true, ego or no ego.

He continued. “She’s a big girl, but sexy — hell, so damn sexy.”

“Of course she’s sexy. I’m big and I’m sexy — what gives?” I retorted. He laughed and placed a hand on my knee. “Hell, yeah — you’re fucking sexy.” And as we paused at a traffic light, he kissed me until my head span.

As we entered her apartment, he leaned into her and kissed her in the same way as he’d kissed me. I’m not a jealous person, and as I watched them kiss, i realised how hot it was to see. Strike one for possessive envy, score one for voyeurism.

It’s a compromise I’m happy with.

He pulled away from her, not ungently, and smiled at me. Briefly kissing me again, he put an arm around her and one around me. “Sapphire,” he said, “Meet Jewel.”

She leaned in and kissed me and i found myself thinking back to every sex-blog post I’d ever read about the softness of another woman’s lips, and how very true that was. In the background I heard him murmur something about two virgins. He couldn’t mean her, I thought wildly, this woman had to have done this before. She was so instinctive, so good at it — I was very curious as to what he’d meant.

We broke from the kiss and she smiled at me.

“You kiss amazingly well,” she said.

“Likewise,” I smiled back. “You know that was my first ever time kissing another woman, right?”

“Yes,” she said, “Mine too.”


Then he chimed in. “Yup. That’s what I said before. My two virgins…”

I’d lost another virginity to another virgin — although it certainly hadn’t felt that way. I’d always presumed that virgins were gangly, and awkward. Not she. Anything but. Just by embracing her soft and luscious body I suddenly had a flash of deeper understand why so many men are fans of the Big Beautiful Woman.

I certainly couldn’t blame them.

More to follow…

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